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URep Abroad celebrates diverse groups in the international education field by intentionally uplifting and spotlighting their unique experiences. URep Abroad’s mission is to bring visibility to the professional diversity in international education while increasing the number of diverse candidates in the field.  

Taking And Making Space: How Being A Barbadian Immigrant Led Me To Pursue A Career In International Counseling As A Mental Health Advocate

A Conversation with Cheryl-Ann Weekes

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Cheryl-Ann Weekes is a Barbadian school counselor that has built a career working internationally. Passionate in advocacy for mental health, boundaries, and positive self-talk, Cheryl-Ann uses her experience to help support and create connections with her students.

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From Surviving to Thriving: Supporting Black Male Self-Discovery, Identity, and New Possibilities in Life Abroad

A Conversation with Michael Ruth

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Michael Ruth, a global explorer and BIPOC Focused Yoga Studio Owner, shares how his decision to leave the U.S. opened up new pathways of self-discovery and personal healing.

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