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Bringing visibility to the unique experiences of diverse educators, international work, and travel.
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URep Abroad celebrates diverse groups in international education (IE) by intentionally uplifting and spotlighting their unique experiences. Our mission is to bring visibility to the diversity in international education, international work, and travel.

Why Underserved Countries Matter in International Education: Insights from a Belizean Study Abroad CEO

A Conversation with Rhondine Petrof

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Rhondine Petrof (she/her), Founder and CEO of Toucan Education Programs, shares how her study abroad company inspires entrepreneurship and growth while contributing to the Belizean community.

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We want to hear from you! Share your experience as an international educator, as a student abroad, or your favorite travel tips and tricks!

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I wanted to work in NYC but ended up in China! How my job search led me to be a school counselor abroad!

A Conversation with Kisha Hugh-Abban

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Kisha Hugh-Abban, a Jamaican-American, shares how she started her career as a School Counselor in China and her advice to international schools seeking to be more inclusive.

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