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February 2024

This February, we are highlighting the Black Travel Experience and Relationships Abroad. We got a story to tell? We want to hear it! Complete our form, and we will contact you. 

What is URep Abroad?

In 2010, I was preparing for my graduate program in Hangzhou, China, pouring over dozens of sterile academic resources I’ve collected over the months. As a Black woman, I felt unprepared. Where were the real stories? I wanted the raw, messy, beautiful narratives of navigating unfamiliar worlds, building my career across cultures, and discovering a new version of myself. But many years later, the stories that highlight diverse international experiences still struggle to be in the spotlight.

Dr Shawntia Key (Founder, URep Abroad)

That's where URep Abroad steps in!

We’re not just here to tell you about international education, working abroad, or studying overseas. We’re here to show you through the eyes and hearts of those who’ve been there, done that and lived to tell the tale. Follow us or share your story, and let’s rewrite the narrative of international education together.