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Bringing greater visibility to the issues and experiences of diverse international educators.

URep Abroad is an excellent partner for those wishing to pursue a job overseas, teach in a foreign country, travel or study overseas, and more. We center around the professional experiences of diverse and underrepresented individuals in the international education sector. We emphasize the importance of making diverse voices heard by bringing greater visibility to the issues and the experiences of those in the field while offering a supportive community. 

Let's Collaborate! - We have 33+ collective years working in international education and providing high-quality resources, lectures, and support services for organizations looking to scale their international programming for diverse communities. We invite you to schedule a free (informal) conversation to share your vision and goals.

Become a contributor - Be a part of a collective story highlighting the voices and experiences of people historically excluded from the international education narrative.

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If you’re serious about diversifying your workforce, prove it by sharing a job post and leadership/internship opportunities.

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