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About URep Abroad

The world of international education promises to broaden horizons and connect cultures; however, for many diverse communities, these opportunities are not always accessible due to the lack of resources that directly discuss the concerns, experiences, and barriers these communities face. There continues to be an imbalance in who represents the world of global travel, who works in these global spaces, and who decides what resources are considered valuable and a change is needed – And that’s where URep Abroad steps in!

Older African American teacher points to a young Asian student holding her hand up to answer a question. The image represents the importance of ethnic diverse teachers lecturing abroad.

We believe the global narrative should represent the rich diversity of our world. The name URep Abroad serves as a double entendre, encapsulating our vision to provide a voice for underrepresented people and empower them to become representatives of their communities. Our slogan, “You represented the underrepresented,” depicts the essence of our name and mission.

Our Three-Fold Mission

1. Amplify underrepresented narratives: To highlight the REAL experiences and voices of the diverse experiences of those traveling, working, studying, and living overseas through our social media and our #URepresentationMatters Blog series. 


2. Inspire future generations: We call upon community members, educators, and leaders to share personal stories to ignite the interest and confidence of future generations.


3. Share the wealth of knowledge: We have a network of like-minded leaders, organizations, and mentors ready and eager to do the work and push the mission of amplifying the voices of the un- and underrepresented communities.

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